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Tarpon FC Est 1974

Tarpon FC Est. 1974

Tarpon FC Recreational Program

Tarpon Spring has an excellent Recreational Program.  Our home fields are at the Tarpon Springs Sports Complex in the heart of Tarpon Springs.   We have additional Fields at Riverside Park in west Tarpon.
Recreational Soccer helps players of all ages Socialize, Exercise, and learn soccer and life skills.  (Fall Recreational Soccer information further down on this page.)

Summer Recreational Soccer u6-u10

Summer will run from August 2nd to September 29thDays of training will be Tuesdays and Thursdays from 5:30pm to 6:30pm. If you would like your child to continue playing soccer and not wait till next Fall then please register.  Summer session will be same training format as Winter and Spring. Sessions will be led by Coach Robert Rivers.

In-house Recreational Soccer Program - 

This group is for youth players age 4 - 9. The recreational program includes the U6 and U10 "in-house" coed. Practices are held at Tarpon Main Complex and at Riverside. Summer Session will run from August to end of September. After Summer session if your child wants to continue to play, Fall Session will begin in October. To clarify Ages U-8 and up will travel for games ONLY FALL SESSION not in the Summer session.  There are no games for In House but only scrimmages during Summer, Winter, Spring Sessions.  Ages U6 and below do not have games but only in-house scrimmages for all sessions, (meaning they scrimmage amongst themselves at Tarpon FC with their age group). Children younger than 8 years old are not ready for games, they first need to develop soccer skills. Our main focus for our youngest players is to develop them and teach them how to play soccer, improve soccer skills and at the same time have an enjoyable time.  This will prepare them for games when they become of age for travel soccer. Our practices sessions description is described below:

1.      There will be 2/3 coaches present for each practice session. 
2.      The players will be divided into groups depending on age and skill level. 
3.      20/25 minutes as a work ups.
4.      20/25 minutes on speed, coordination.
5.      20 minutes of scrimmage will be held during the last part of practice. 

There will always be group rotations for better experience for players. 

Any questions please email [email protected]
Summer Registration Fees

U-6 and U-10 Co-ed     $125.00


The Fall Recreational Soccer Season starts in October and ends late February/Early March for most teams.  Coaches will contact their teams on practice times. Game schedule does not get emailed to club Commissioner until October. Games start first weekend in November.  Players that are from 4 - 18 years old are eligible to play.  Our youngest Players - 4-, 5-, 6- and 7-year old’s play in an In-House program.  All games will be played in Tarpon Springs and some teams are coed.

U-4 to U-6 players will be playing in house only, they do not travel. Their FALL Schedule is from October to December.

This year GYSA, the recreational league we belong to, has altered their by-laws. The age groups have changed, and some rules have changed.

U-8 and up will be traveling. This year the U-8 age group will be playing other clubs and not be playing in-house.
The breakdown of teams are as follows:

U8 will play 4x4 games with teams of approximately 7 players. They will have practice 1-2 times a week depending on the coach's preference. Saturdays will be games, and some will be home and some away.

U10 will play 7x7 games with approximately 8-12 players per team. They will have practice 1-2 times a week depending on the coach's preference. Saturdays will be games, and some will be home and some away.

U12 will play 9v9 games with approximately 10-14 players per team. They will have practice 1-2 times a week depending on the coach's preference. Saturdays will be games, and some will be home and some away.

U14 and up will play 11v11 games with approximately 14-18 players per team. They will have practice 1-2 times a week depending on the coach's preference. Saturdays will be games, and some will be home and some away.

If we have multiple teams for each age group then we will have to go to the draft in October. What this means is that all clubs must submit their players into draft pool and players are placed on teams within our club, Tarpon. Players DO NOT get to choose their teams.

GYSA follows USYS recreational soccer rules and rules of their own. Recreational soccer is for players of all skill levels and to make it fair and to prevent roster stacking, the draft is required. The Commissioner, Laura Lee, can save only 4 players per team from the draft. Previous years we could only save 3 players but this year, the Commissioners from all the clubs voted to add one more save. 
These players are: 
1. The Head Coach's child
2. The Asst. Coach's child
3. Sponsor's child
4. Goalie or up to the Commissioner, Laura Lee. 

Players are only allowed to play up in age with the max age playing up being 2 years. The player that is wanting to play up in age may only do so if the older age group has space available on roster and has filled with all true age players, receives permission from the DOC and evaluated by the DOC. The head coach and Laura Lee must also approve the child to play up in age group.

Last year an older kid from another club was severely injured, and the league is even more strict on who plays up in age this year. This has always been a rule of GYSA regarding playing up in age, but this year they will be enforcing it. 

U-4 to U8 are Co-ed teams
U10 to U17 have boy and girl teams.
U19 is a Co-Ed team

Per USYS regulation if a girl wants to play on a boys’ team and there is space on the roster, they are allowed. Sometimes teams must be made CO-ED because in the area there are not as many girl soccer players. Boys are NOT allowed to play on a girls’ team. 

Since this is a non-profit organization, we rely on parents to volunteer to coach. All board members are volunteers and do not get paid as well as all our volunteer coaches. Please keep in mind when communicating with the Commissioner, another board member, or a coach, that they are volunteers. They all have full time jobs and most have children of their own. They volunteer to help the community and they do this for the kids. Rudeness and/or cursing will not be tolerated. If you want to volunteer and assist the club, please do contact [email protected] We are always looking for parent volunteers. 

All Players will need to bring water, soccer ball and wear shin guards and cleats at all games and practices.

U4 to U10= Size 3 soccer balls

U12= Size 4 soccer balls

U14 and up= Size 5 soccer balls

Fall Registration Fee

U-4                          $125.00
U-6 Co-ed               $150.00
U-8 Co-ed               $150.00
U-10                        $175.00
U-12                        $185.00
U-14                        $200.00
U-17                        $200.00
U-19 Co-ed             $200.00




Tarpon FC Programs

We are a community oriented soccer club located in Pinellas County.  If you are looking for a great soccer experience for your player - we can provide that.  At Tarpon FC we pride ourselves on our commitment to player development.  Our training program starts in Recreational and continues to Academy and Competitive for the more serious player.

Recreational Program - more info

Competitive Program - more info

Recreational FAQ's

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